See the Difference These Youth are Making

While some people may think that youth today are not as focused, responsible, polite, fill-in-your-own-descriptor as previous generations, we have found just the opposite! It is encouraging to be contacted by young people who are working hard to make the world a better place through their actions. Young miracles in action! Here we highlight just a few recent examples.

SchoolStarterPageStory #1 SchoolStarter Project:

Ben Morales, age 15, has a younger sister, Bella, born in Guatemala and adopted by the Morales family. Ben and his family have been supporters of Miracles in Action for many years, and he decided to take on the ambitious challenge of raising $20,000 to build a school, in honor of his sister. Now, that is an ambitious goal! His campaign is structured like a KickStarter campaign, for those who have heard of that. Since KickStarter does not allow charity projects, he has a SchoolStarter page instead. Creative!  We hope you will support this project with a donation of any size.

Visit the SchoolStarter page to learn more and watch the 1.5 minute video he made about the project.

Story #2 From Sea Shells to Car Wash. What Next?:

Penny received a card recently from Madeleine Mauer, granddaughter of School of Miracles #12 donor Ann Fron Pravato. Several years ago Madeleine and her sister, Kirsten (then 3 and 5 years old) collected seashells on Marco Island and sold them to raise money for Miracles in Action. Penny was given a ziploc bag filled with coins from their sale – how cute! Now they are older and did a car wash, raising $200. I can only imagine what is next! Gracias, Madeleine and Kirsten, and we also thank Ann, for being an inspiration to teach her grandchildren about giving and helping others.

Pictured below: Ann Fron Pravato, with students in front of the school she sponsored in 2007 in Guatemala; Madeleine’s recent note.

La Pedrera school openingMadeleineNote

ASHA-ClubStory #3 Hope makes a difference:

The ASHA student group at Raymond J. Grey Junior High School in Massachusetts recently sent a check to support student  scholarships and water filters in Guatemala. This club was started in 2010 by two high school students whose vision was to bring education to impoverished children around the world. In 2012 a club was started with junior high students, which currently has 10 7th and 8th grade members. This year they reached a new milestone in their fundraising by raising $1200! The word “Asha” means “hope” in Hindi, and this group certainly is giving hope to the Guatemalan students they are helping!

We are so encouraged by these stories and salute these and all the other young philanthropists and fundraisers who support our work!

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