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The Story of Miracles In Action

The Story of Miracles in Action

If you have ever wondered whether ordinary people can make a difference in the world, the
answer is yes. Hear the story of former American Airlines flight attendant Penny Rambacher
and her mom, Noreen, who
started Miracles in Action in
2005 as a response to the
extreme poverty they saw while traveling
together in
Central and South America.
Penny shares how her
Happy List and Noreen’s
legacy were the foundation
of Miracles in Action – an
organization dedicated to
the idea that education is
the surest way out of
poverty. To date, Miracles
In Action has built more
than 54 schools in the last 12 years with help from people just like you. During this time, Penny
has also built a thriving fair trade cottage industry, employing 135 artisans that are able to work
themselves out of poverty to provide a better life for themselves and their children.