Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

Do you live in Southwest Florida and know of a group that might be interested in hearing the inspiring story of Miracles in Action and the positive change it has brought to the people of Guatemala? Founder Penny Rambacher is an experienced keynote speaker and nonprofit leader who speaks on a variety of subjects including:

As a speaker, Penny will provide:

  • A quality multimedia presentation, complete with stunning photos and stories from around the world
  • Education about the plight of the poor and the state of education in Guatemala today
  • Inspiration on what YOU can do to help break the cycle of poverty
  • The opportunity to make an immediate difference through the purchase of beaded crafts and necklaces made by village women in Guatemala

Groups that will benefit from a Penny’s presentations include:

  • Philanthropic Groups
  • Women’s Groups
  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Schools & Youth Clubs
  • Social Justice Groups