Cottage Industry

Supporting the Guatemalan Cottage Industry

The sale of handicrafts provides the Mayan women an opportunity to earn an income from their home while taking care of their children.  If not for the handicraft industry, these women would need to work hard labor in the fields picking coffee, sugar cane or corn for 12 hour shifts away from home.

Miracles in Action provides income to many Guatemalan women by selling beaded jewelry, keychains, and textiles — all handmade in indigenous Mayan communities. We have a cadre of volunteers who sell these handicrafts at churches, craft fairs, farmers markets and house parties across the country.

The items we select for sale in the U.S. are very unique. And when giving a gift of a Guatemalan handicraft, you will be giving a gift that gives twice — once to the intended recipient and also to the women who are earning an income from your purchase.
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100% of project donations go directly to our work in Guatemala. These handicraft sales not only provide a livelihood for the women making the items, but the profit earned helps fund our low administrative expenses, as well as some of our projects in Guatemala.

Artisan at work