Miracles from Naples to Sacapulas

Sometimes connections happen in mysterious ways – almost miraculous!  In Feb., we traveled with ECHO partners Brad Ward and Nate Flood, through the area of Sacapulus on route to The Ripple Effect farm.  On the same day, we received an email regarding a Guatemalan man, Byron, who lives near Naples, FL.  Byron was desperate to tell the story of his hometown…. a small village near Sacapulus!  Since that timely email, we met with Byron and then conducted a needs assessment in his village.  We learned that their existing school for 74 students grades k-6, is over-crowded and poor construction.  The building has metal sheets and little ventilation, which makes it hot, humid, dark, and loud when it rains.  Difficult to learn in these conditions!  

Community leaders have asked for our help to improve and add on to their school.  They will volunteer their labor for the construction, if we can partner with them to buy the materials.  Because of the determination of one Guatemalan man, who never forgot his hometown, these children can have a brighter future.  Now that’s a miracle in action!sacapulas school sacapulas school2

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