Special Projects

Special Projects

Promote Literacy: Build a Library

Cincinnati-area supporter Pat Lehman has been in the education field for a long time.  After visiting Guatemala in early 2012 with Miracles in Action, she and her husband Burk were so moved by their experience that they are spear-heading an effort to fundraise for the construction of a library in San Antonio Sija, Guatemala. This library is being built in memory of Gregg Rocca, a long-time school counselor in the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming, who passed away on February 10, 2013.

The San Antonio community had their first Basico school (middle school in Guatemala) built by Miracles in Action in 2010. Often children do not continue their education through middle school and high school, so providing the buildings and support to encourage learning is very important. The area is very remote, with no library or source of books for miles around.  A spaghetti dinner to honor Mr. Rocca’s memory  is planned for September 22, 2013. Proceeds from The Rusty Ball, an annual charity event, area also earmarked for this library.

If you’d like to contribute, 100% of your donation will go toward the construction.  The local villagers will provide the unskilled labor, and our partner organization PEILE will oversee the project, purchase the materials, and hire the skilled labor necessary.

Total cost of project including a small computer lab is $48,000.

Help build Jose a house

Jose Macario was in Cincinnati being treated at Shriner’s Burns Hospital in 2008-2009. His host family is now seeking help to build Jose and his family a home to replace their current home pictured below. We need just $4200 to make this dream come true! Please help as you are able. All donations are tax deductible.

Miracles in Action is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Please consult with your tax advisor for specific tax deduction rules. You will receive a tax receipt via email.

Teaming Up to Build Olympia’s House: A Special Project with Tanya Memme of A&E’s Sell This House

Meet Olympia

Olympia lives in a tiny one-room house in Jalapa, Guatemala, with her five children, her mother, and two aunts. Her home’s rusty metal roof and mud floor do little to keep out the rain and cold. They have no electricity, no clean drinking water, and no toilet. Sadly, these difficult living conditions are all too common in Guatemala’s rural villages.


Making a Difference Through A Unique Partnership

Recently, Tanya Memme of A&E’s Sell This House traveled to Jalapa with her father and a team from Wells of Hope and Miracles In Action. Tanya and the team distributed clothes, warm blankets, and food to Olympia and her neighbors, but Tanya wanted to do more. She made up her mind to build a decent home for Olympia. She turned to Miracles in Action and Wells of Hope to help raise the $4,000 needed to make it happen. She plans to return to Jalapa in the fall of 2012 with friends and family to help build the home. Read more about Tanya’s last visit.

Tanya Memme

Funding Sustainable Projects throughout Guatemala

Through a unique partnership between Tanya, Wells of Hope, and Miracles in Action, Olympia’s dream of a decent home will soon be a reality. But we can’t do it without financial support from people like you, so please join us with your support to build Olympia’s home.

After Olympia’s home is built, any additional funds raised will be used to support the ongoing work of Miracles in Action and Wells of Hope, allowing us to build schools and dig wells for many other deserving villages in Guatemala.  To learn more about Miracles in Action’s work, browse our site or visit our projects page.

As Tanya says, “It’s more than just building a well or a home, it’s a generous gift of love… the gift of life. I will be forever thankful for your support.”

Miracles in Action is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Please consult with your tax advisor for specific tax deduction rules. You will receive a tax receipt via email.