Miracles for Mothers

Special wishes for Mother’s Day!

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Chicks for Easter

This season, sponsor a family to receive the gift of self-reliance with chicks, ducklings, pigs, or goats!

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Tell Me…

What would you do?

Would you be grateful for the opportunity to work in the rain, to haul stones up the hill, or to carry water for lunch?  The community of Santa Eulalia was – they were grateful for the opportunity to build a school for their community, grateful that their kids would have an education and the hope of a better life.
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Miracles from Naples to Sacapulas

Sometimes connections happen in mysterious ways – almost miraculous!  In Feb., we traveled with ECHO partners Brad Ward and Nate Flood, through the area of Sacapulus on route to The Ripple Effect farm.  On the same day, we received an email regarding a Guatemalan man, Byron, who lives near Naples, FL.  Byron was desperate to tell the story of his hometown…. a small village near Sacapulus!  Since that timely email, we met with Byron and then conducted a needs assessment in his village.  We learned that their existing school for 74 students grades k-6, is over-crowded and poor construction.  The building has metal sheets and little ventilation, which makes it hot, humid, dark, and loud when it rains.  Difficult to learn in these conditions!  

Community leaders have asked for our help to improve and add on to their school.  They will volunteer their labor for the construction, if we can partner with them to buy the materials.  Because of the determination of one Guatemalan man, who never forgot his hometown, these children can have a brighter future.  Now that’s a miracle in action!sacapulas school sacapulas school2

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Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift From Our Friends in Guatemala!

This wonderful video was sent to Miracles’ founder Penny Rambacher for Mother’s Day!

Daniel says:
In Guatemala we celebrate the mothers day on May 10th, and I want to do something especial for you on that date in appreciation for everything that you have done for Guatemala and for me.
I am sure that if all the people you helped have the chance to wrote something to you, you will spend years reading emails.


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Solar Light Distribution

Solar lamp

Miracles In Action visited the artisans who create our beaded jewelry and key charms. We went to their homes where they live and work because we wanted to determine how we can give back to them for their talents, time and treasures. The answer we found – a solar lamp. Often the artisans could not see their work, and would make a mistake and have to tear it apart and start over. If there was a light in the house, it was one bulb high up in the ceiling. The solar lamps can be moved where needed, and rest on a stand pointed at the beads they will now be able to clearly see. I just love her smile. If you would like to sponsor a solar lamp for an artisan,visit www.miraclesinaction.org and donate $45 and make an artisan smile. If you would like to buy beaded jewelry made by these Mayan artisans, visit store.miraclesinaction.org

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