Our Partners

Our Partners in Sustainable Education and Health Projects in Guatemala

Miracles In Action is fortunate to work with several fine NGO (non-governmental organization) charities who share our commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. These established charities and other grassroots partners have excellent reputations and help us help others.

Aldea is our construction partner for 20 of our schools, including School of Miracles #1 and most of our water systems projects. They work in partnership with the rural Mayans of Patzun and Santa Apolonia in nutrition, water, stoves, animals, and agriculture projects using participatory community development.

Alma de Colores (Soul of Colors) is an inclusion project working to benefit young people and adults with disabilities attending Centro Maya Servicio Integral, located in San Juan La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala. They create handmade products using recycled and natural materials and Miracles in Action supports their vocational training as well as purchases items for resale in the U.S. to support their work.

Amigos de Santa Cruz has coordinated Miracles in Actions’s largest project, a 3-story vocational center serving 6000 villagers around Lake Atitlan, in addition to helping coordinate our safe stove project in Santa Cruz. Their mission is to help support education, better health care, a cleaner environment and sustainable economic development for the remote village of Santa Cruz and surrounding areas.

Constru Casa builds schools in all parts of Guatemala, along with over 700 houses. This charity partners with villagers and volunteers who work together to build from traditional construction of block, to Eco-bricks made from bottles filled with plastic trash. Construcasa provides follow up visits for 4 years after school construction, and they implement additional projects such as water filters, stoves, roof repairs, and retaining walls. 

Let’s Be Ready supports the academic success of at-risk Guatemalan children through establishing preschools that focus on preparing students for their entry into elementary school. Miracles in Action has worked with this NGO to provide preschool opportunities in rural areas of deep poverty. For more information, visit Miracles in Action’s 1st preschool project.

Limitless Horizons Ixil creates opportunities for the indigenous youth, women, and families of Chajul, Guatemala to develop the academic and professional skills needed to effect change in their lives and community. We provide support for the community library, computer lab and leadership training.

Maya Health Alliance is our partner in nutrition programs under the direction of Dr. Peter Rohloff, MD (professor at Harvard Medical School) conducting research on nutrition solutions in Guatemala. Nutritionist, Andrea Guzman, coordinates home visits and cooking/nutrition education with her team of 11 Nutrition Promoters working in indigenous communities where malnutrition is staggering.

The Ripple Effect works in the Chajul area, a remote, cold, and extremely poor area of Guatemala, teaching about gardening for food and income, raising livestock and other sustainable projects.  We support them through our pigs and chickens distribution program plus agriculture and water projects. Founder Michael Ewens’ blog is a fascinating, adventure story with photos from remote villages where he is the first white man these people have met.  A must read – The Ripple Efftect Blog

SaludosNiños! provides early learning education, health and nutrition services to needy children and their families in the rural mountain village of Panyebar near Lake Atitlan. Miracles in Action provides nutrition and operational support for this center.

Semilla Nueva (New Seed) helps rural Guatemalan farmers find a path to prosperity, health, and sustainability through agriculture technologies and farmer to farmer education. They have developed a new QPM corn seed (Quality Protein Maize) which is a complete protein and high in Zinc. Semilla Nueva promotes QPM as a solution to malnutrition in rural Guatemala where many people consume only corn tortillas as a cheap food for their families.

Vamos Adelante provides education, health and nutrition services to the poor in more than rural 24 villages in southern Guatemala. Miracles in Action has funded pigs and chickens and sponsored scholarships, stoves and water filters and built two schools/libraries through this long-term partner.

Village of Satakna and Santa Eulalia is unique in that we work directly with community leaders to provide safe stoves, water filters, and the building of School #33 with 6 retaining walls constructed of old tires filled with dirt. In 2018 we will build our first special needs school for 28 children and young adults to learn skills for a better life. Marta Sicajan’s dream was to help mothers, like her, with special needs children. It’s Marta’s way to give back to her homeland in something where she understands the needs of special children and their mothers.