Preschool Graduation in Sapito, Guatemala

On October 19, sixteen preschool children graduated from Sapito (Little Frog is the village’s name) receiving diplomas from their Let’s Be Ready teacher, Blanca.

Blanca attended Tierra Colorado (our 7th school) and is a graduate of a Miracles in Action scholarship.  The parents really love having Let’s Be Ready (a Miracles in Action funded project) and Blanca to teach their children so they will be ready for 1st grade next year.  Backpacks were given to each child as a gift from Blanca for their completion of the year.  It was wonderful to find that Blanca had more self confidence since the last time we saw her when she was first offered this job. Nora, Director of LBR, supported Blanca with training and visits to be sure she was also ready.  

We are now working with LBR to train and hire one more scholarship graduate teacher, Lebia, from San Antonio el Cornejo (school #1).  She will be going out to Tzanjomel to work with Montessori teacher, Marianne.  Lebia joined us at the graduation and she is excited about this training opportunity which could lead to her first teaching job.

Another memorable day and a reminder of how we are making a difference.

Let's Be Ready PreschoolPreschool Graduatiopn

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