Going Beyond Fair Trade

Miracles in Action supports a large group of “beaders” — Mayan artisans who make the jewelry we sell — by not only buying from them, but also by going “beyond fair trade.” What does that mean? In December, it meant giving food baskets to the women. In January, it meant providing school supplies for all of their children to be well-equipped for school. We are also visiting each artisan’s home to do a census, evaluating their needs to make sure they have a safe, vented stove and a water filter, to learn how many children are in the home and what their family and economic situation is. This way we can support them by connecting them to our other programs, making sure that they have the tools and support to continue on the path out of poverty.

Source of income, health, education — these 3 pillars need to be stable in order to succeed, and that’s why we call our holistic approach “going beyond fair trade.”

Enjoy these photos of mothers and students taken during our recent visits. Pedro (our in-country project coordinator) and Elvin (cottage industry coordinator) visited Santiago and San Jorge to distribute school supplies in January and holiday food baskets in December.

group group2

IMG_1845 IMG_1862 IMG_1866 mom with son IMG_2872 IMG_2869 IMG_2866 IMG_2860

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