New Partner Update – Limitless Horizons Ixil

We recently added a new partner, Limitless Horizons Ixil, working in Chajul, a remote community in Quiche, Guatemala.  Here is the update we received after our October visit.

Dear Miracles in Action,

Thanks to your support this year’s school vacation (which is during the fall months in Guatemala) has been extra exciting for kids in Chajul!

The librarians got to attend 2 trainings in Antigua and used their new knowledge to create a full schedule of vacation time programming in the Chajul Community Library. The activities, which are held for 3 different age groups, include:  Fun with Math, Learn to Read circles, Spanish vocabulary games, and Story Hour followed by a thematic art activity, television program, or game. Very few kids have a television in their home, so the recent donation of a TV and DVD player from Miracles in Action is giving them a unique chance to practice their Spanish comprehension skills and learn valuable life skills through youth television programming.  Our creative and dedicated librarians are even matching the theme of the TV show episode with the theme of the Story Hour.

As the only provider of organized vacation-time services in Chajul, programming in the community library is providing a unique and invaluable opportunity for kids and their families. The only problem with all of this new excitement is that kids will be extra sad when vacation time is over! Luckily for them though, we are currently using a literacy curriculum developed by the organization Reading Village to develop some great new school-year programming.

The other exciting development of this Fall is that we’ve met our 2nd seasonal goal of completing the renovations of a new study space in the library facility. We installed a door and windows, fixed the bathroom, sealed and painted the walls and installed lighting fixtures. The extra space has proven invaluable for hosting the 45+ children that have been attending each vacation time activity. We are now in the process of contracting tables, chairs, and shelving from local carpenters so that the space will be ready when students hit the books again in January.

With your continued support we can further expand the impact of the Chajul Community Library. Together, we will develop a new generation in Chajul that is well-informed and greatly values education and literacy.

Warmest saludos from Chajul!

The LHI Team

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