Miracles in Action School #31 Graduation of 1st Grade

Dear Miracles in Action Supporters,
I just received these photos and the message below from Pat Torpie/ Amigos de Santa Cruz at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala where Amigos de Santa Cruz held a graduation celebration for the children finishing preschool and 1st grade at our little school in the woods on the mountain. They warm my heart and remind me of why we all work so hard and donate time and money to support work like this.
Thank you all.
Penny Rambacher, R.D.
Founder/President www.MiraclesInAction.org

Hola Miracles in Action,
Today I had the great pleasure of attending the very first graduation celebration at Escuela Milagros in Tzanjomel. It was wonderful. The room was full of proud mothers and children. Each child was called up individually by the teachers, Marianne and Joel (for the first graders) and presented not just with a diploma, a beautiful paper necklace, a kite and a ball, but also with special words spoken to each of them from their teacher, acknowledging their individual achievement throughout the year. It was very personal and touching to see the pride in the faces of everyone. I wish you all could have been there. I know you are as proud as we all are for this grand achievement for this small little village.
I also want to acknowledge and thank Marianne, Elena and Joel, our teaching team, and our super volunteer, Shannon, for a job well done this year! Fantastic!
The second floor classroom is coming along nicely as you can see from the photo.
Pat Torpie, Amigos de Santa Cruz.
Miracles in Action School #31
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