Developing a Love of Reading

Developing reading skills and a love of reading is not a basic fundamental in most of the schools we work with.  Teachers need to learn skills to promote reading for both understanding and pleasure. We are sponsoring a teacher training program in Patzun, which includes 2 all-school trainings for the teachers and director on how to promote better reading skills in the first year, plus 2 follow-up sessions with each teacher. Our partner organization for this program, Child Aid, is working with 4 schools in Patzun (Chuiquel, Cojobal, La Vega and Sakiya) with enthusiasm and good results. Participating teachers also receive books and materials to use in their classroom which enables them to implement the skills learned in the trainings. Child Aid also offers a Traveling Book Box program that enables schools access to more books. Child Aid has been a wonderful partner in offering this program. Our Teacher Resource Center in Patzun is being used to conduct this training.

The Teacher Resource Center is located in a courtyard along with a small community library and the CECOPA program. Child Aid also provides librarian training, and gave this recent report, “I stopped in the Patzun library on Tuesday because the librarian wanted to meet with me. I have to say, I am very impressed with her. She has started a reading hour for all of the 125 scholarship kids that receive funding from CECOPA. She has also started a lending program with the books that we have donated to them. We are donating more books to her so that she can build that program. She also asked if she could get help from us to catalog the library so we are working on that. The librarian is also very eager to help run the Traveling book box program that Miracles in Action supports. We are having our second librarian training tomorrow. This librarian is really on fire to make things go well and CECOPA allows their secretary to work in the library to attend users who come during the times the librarian is running her reading programs.

Teachers from Cojobal, La Vega and Sakiya at training session and checking out resource materials.

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