Through the lens of a photographer…

This is the first of a series of posts featuring photographer and new friend of Miracles in Action, Paisley Dee.

Connecting to Miracles

Hello, my name is Paisley Dee and I am a photographer out of Miami, FL. I am working with Miracles in Action to photograph and capture the amazing work which is being done here in rural Guatemala. I met the founder of Miracles In Action, Penny Rambacher, during my Art Basel 2011 solo-exhibition showcasing my work throughout Southeast Asia. Miracles in Action was selling handicrafts in the gallery next door, and instantly we connected through our common interest and desire to make a change in the world. My photography portrays stark human conditions with a focus on people and their surroundings. My desire is to bring awareness toward those living in extreme poverty through their daily survival to stay alive, and to somehow connect that awareness to an outlet of change. Miracles in Action has provided that outlet for this work, and I intend to spread this awareness as far as I can. I feel my photography has the ability to speak louder than any word possibly could.

More photos and stories to come, as I explore Guatemala and travel with Penny, Christie, David, Jan, and the many dedicated humanitarians who are making a difference in the world through “Miracles”.

To see more of my work, please visit

Guatemala Life Style

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