Who wants to be a Thrillionaire?

As the new year begins and many people contemplate new beginnings, why not consider becoming a Thrillionaire? According to thrillionaires.org, you are a Thrillionaire if you can recall a time when you gave someone a real thrill while you gave something – money, time, a kidney, kind words, prayers, ideas, stuff – You are a Thrillionaire if you light up when you think about giving.   Anyone can be a Thrillionaire.

Looking for inspiration? Just look around; there are plenty of thrills to be had. You might collect change every day and fund one of our projects like a a safe stove or water filter to improve someone’s daily life.  Or sponsor a scholarship for a child seeking education. Or feed the parking meter for someone. Or give a kind word to the cashier at the grocery store. Whether giving small or large, giving to Miracles in Action or elsewhere, thrills are thrilling! And being a Thrillionaire can become a habit as Thrillionaires want to experience that wonderful thrilling feeling again and again.  Also, it is often contagious to others!

Thrillionaires is a project designed by the Harnisch Family Foundation to encourage the thrill of giving. Thrillionaires tell their stories so that others will become inspired.  At Miracles in Action, we love when people share their stories, as it is the best way for us to invite others to join us in our mission and gain support for our work.  Comment on Facebook or email us to share your Thrillionaire story.

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