An Eagle project for Guatemala

Brandon James Eagle ProjectIt is wonderful to see young people taking an interest in Guatemala and in making the world a better place for all.  In this post, we recognize Brandon Jones of Tampa, Florida.  Brandon is a member of Boy Scout Troop 53 and is working toward his Eagle Award.  The Eagle Award is the highest rank a boy can earn, and is achieved by only about 5% of all Boy Scouts.  To earn this award, Brandon chose Miracles in Action for his service project, which is one of the requirements.  His project was to collect supplies for school kids in Guatemala, so they could attend school and have the resources that we consider routine in this country.  He began planning his service project in 2010 and has since logged more than 110 hours of service.  His results?  580 lbs of school supplies and $1200 to purchase other necessary items.  WOW — and this from a young man who is not yet 17 years old!  We can only imagine the great things Brandon will accomplish in the future!  According to Brandon, one day he’d like to visit Guatemala and visit the areas that received this aid.  He added, “It’s a great feeling to help someone who doesn’t have the opportunities that we have in this country.”

Brandon still needs to complete his Board of Review, and hopes to officially receive his Eagle Award before the end of the year.  Congratulations, Brandon, and thank you for your care and concern for others!!

Brandon James collected aid
Brandon James packing aid for Guatemala
Brandon recruited of team of helpers to pack the aid he collected

580 lbs of aid was collected and packed by a team that Brandon recruited as part of his service.

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