Celebrating School of Miracles #34 Opening

Students Thanking our Generous Donors

New Classrooms at Las Camelias School

Thanks to Naples Council on World Affairs and Tom & Joane Williams, the children attending Las Camelias School of Miracles #34 have three new classrooms.  This over-crowded rural primary school turned away students because there was just not enough space.  In July I visited the school where teachers, students and parents welcomed us with colorful posters to thank our donors.

Las Camelias is located in a mountainous rural area of Guatemala, called Patzun, known for farming of broccoli, snap peas, and brussel sprouts exported to the US.  Sometimes people ask us how building schools is breaking the cycle of poverty.  The primary benefit of education is to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, so that the population is not illiterate and easily taken advantage of because they can not read or make change when buying and selling.  Studies show that girls educated to just the 5th grade will have healthier families, with less children, and a better quality of life – one more reason why “Miracles” supports education as a solution to extreme poverty.  Thanks for another Miracle, Penny Rambacher

Girls at Las Camelias School

Patzun Farmland

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