More project work with Becky

A continuation of the reflections of our summer intern, Becky Zorn.

This week I went out into the field with Yvonne Sinclair, head of Naru, to Alta Verapaz in Northern Guatemala. Miracles in Action sponsors one of Naru’s projects in this region, which involves treating moderately to severely malnourished children. If anyone has ever visited or even flown over Guatemala, they may question the levels of malnutrition which exist in Guatemala because Guatemala is a lush, green country and there are plenty of fresh papayas, avocados, mangos, and other nutritious fruits and vegetables around the markets. However, the main problem is that indigenous Mayans often live off of a diet of strictly corn tortillas, which alone cannot sustain the growth and development of young children.

stunting in GuatemalaMany argue that Guatemala doesn’t have severe malnutrition, or that Mayans are naturally stunted in their growth. However, this picture shows the difference between Guatemala children here in country and those living in the United States.

Naru’s projects in Alta Verapaz try to address malnutrition in this department, or state, of Guatemala. Once a month, Yvonne and her team head to the region to host a malnutrition clinic where mothers watch videos on health and nutrition and are given Incaparina, a low cost protein formula that prevents malnutrition and is well known in Guatemala. Naru hopes to expand operations in the future, which will allow field teams to visit small villages in the area and educate women within the community.

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