Reflections of an Intern

Becky ZornMiracles in Action sponsored a recent college graduate to intern for some of our partners this summer.  This begins a short series of posts by Becky Zorn, about her experiences.

In early June, I returned to the United States after teaching English in Turkey and traveling around Eastern Europe for 6 months. I was planning on staying in Washington, DC for the summer before commencing graduate school at the University of Copenhagen in September– that was until I received a call from Christie Brown asking if I could intern in Guatemala for the summer. Without hesitation, I accepted the opportunity and flew from Washington, DC to Guatemala City 4 days later.

Miracles in Action has provided me with many excellent opportunities to assist those in Guatemala who lack the opportunities available to those in the United States. I have been thrilled to jump in wherever my assistance is needed, and I have been helping with various projects which I will continue to blog about in the future.

Two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to attend the opening of school #30 in Palo Blanco outside San Martin. This school opening was delightful and well-attended by the community who supported the project, just as much as Miracles, our NGO partners, and donors supported the construction. This school was sponsored by several families — Jason and Karen Leupen, Angie and Rick McKenzie, Ray and Polly Sund, Jerry and Sandy Leupen (all from Cincinnati, OH) — and Moorings Presbyterian Church in Naples, FL. Here are a few photos from the opening:

Dedication Plaque

Representatives of the donor group and Miracles in Action uncover the plaque on the school.

Student performance at school opening fiesta

Some of the students in the older grades perform a dance at the school opening.

School #30 opening

The kids were all so happy and excited to have a new school and more educational opportunities.

Becky with students

A picture of me with some of the girls who will attend the school. I have interned for women’s rights organizations in the past and love that Miracles highlights the importance of education for women and girls in Guatemala.

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