Easy Money for Miracles in Action: We Need Your Help

We need 106 more people to “like” Miracles In Action in order for us to earn $1000 from a donor. This donor has pledged $2 for every “like” we get.  Please go to our page at: http://www.facebook.com/miracles.in.action and then”like” the page, simply by clicking on the like button, on the top center of the page. Each “like” is worth $2 (up to $1000 total). How much easier can it be to raise money for a great cause?

If you liked us on facebook already, then please pass the word to your friends and family.  Consider it your good deed for the day by posting it on your facebook wall.

You may wonder, what can $1000 do in Guatemala? It can buy 8 sewing machines so 8 women can have a sewing machine upon completion of vocational school. This will enable a woman to stay at home and earn an income while being able to care for her children. For some of these women it means the difference between being able to provide their children with food or having them go hungry. $1000 could also buy 20 pigs for a village so that they can raise the pigs, breed them, and then sell the offspring for income. Pigs also mean valuable food for the village, as meat is a rare commodity in most villages. $1000 can also buy 25 water filters for 25 families, which will prevent serious illness from drinking dirty water. With many villages getting water from dirty ponds and streams (the woman carrying jugs on their heads to get the water), it is so important that they have some way to filter out diseases and parasites. These are just a few of the ways we can stretch $1000 in Guatemala to make a difference in the world.

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