Why YOU should “Like” Us

By Dr. E. Magdalena Battles

We have been working hard this past week to get more people to follow us on Facebook. We have a donor who has pledged $1 for each person we can get to follow us on Facebook, up to $500. All a person needs to do to follow us is to go to our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/miracles.in.action and then”like” the page, simply by clicking on the like button, on the top center of the page. How much easier can it be to raise money for a great cause?

WAIT! It gets better. We now have someone matching the money.  That means for every follower we get, it is now valued at $2. That $500 just became $1000, as long as we reach our goal of 500 followers. We are on our way. We have over 200 followers (“likes”) now. Please help simply by going to our page and “liking” it.

You may wonder why you should you “like” us. Well, we are helping the poorest of the poor. We help people that are living in extreme poverty which is defined as living on less than $1.50 a day. The villages we help are typically people living in one or two room huts with dirt floor, no running water, and little or no educational opportunities available, to learn even the basics of reading and writing. Our goal is to help these people to help themselves through sustainable development projects. In the past 6.5 years here is what we have accomplished helping the poor in rural Guatemala:

-Over 20 water systems have been built (providing clean, safe, running water into villages)

-Over 1600 safe wood burning stoves have been installed (these save lives, lungs, and trees)

-School #35 is now underway!

Why are we different than other organizations you may wonder? Well, we have no paid employees running our organizations. Miracles in Action is run entirely by volunteers! How many organizations do you know that can say that? We are also proud to say that 100% of donor money goes directly to the project. If you donate $125 to buy a sewing machine then ALL of that money goes toward the purchase. None of the money donated for a project goes toward overhead. Our overhead is covered by the sale of Mayan handicrafts that we bring back to the states. We have a team of wonderful volunteers who have devoted a great deal of time and effort to selling the handicrafts, to cover any overhead and extra projects that we want to do, but don’t quite have enough donor money.

I can personally attest to the work of Miracles in Action. I am on the Board of directors, but I began as a donor wanting to make a difference in the world. Back in 2007, I donated the funds for school #15 located in Canton San Antonio, which is in the mountains of the Huehuetenango in northern Guatemala.  What is amazing to me is that the money went to buy the supplies and the villagers built the
school! Yes, you read that correctly, the villagers did all of the work under the direction of a mason. I visited the school after it was completed and words cannot describe the experience. The villagers (almost 600) were kind, grateful, loving, caring, giving, Christian people. I had prayed for the school and the people, and when I met the people, they said that they had been praying for me!
They were so grateful and happy to now have a primary school in their village. Their children will now be able to learn to read and write. Guatemala has a shortage of schools, but not a shortage of teachers. Once the school was built the government hired and paid for 5 teachers to teach in that remote village (something their government actually does right).

School #15 in Canton San Antonio.

Magdalena inside a typical home in Canton San Antonio, where school #15 was built.

I know I have made a difference in the world though that school.  How have you made a difference lately? Perhaps you can’t build a school, but you can help simply by following on facebook. If you haven’t yet, plese help us raise money for a wonderful cause: helping the poorest of the poor. No need to make a donation, just click “like” on the Miracles in Action PAGE and for each “like” the Miracles in Action Page gets, donors have promised to donate $2, up to $1000 total. This offer only lasts for the month of May, so please help raise the funds simply by “liking”! http://www.facebook.com/miracles.in.action

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