Helping Malnourished Children

Miracles in Action is Working with Naru to Help Malnourished Children in Guatemala

Miracles in Action has partnered with Yvonne Sinclair of Naru, a non-profit charity working in Guatemala with focus on treating severely malnourished infants. Yvonne works with the local health clinics and small hospitals where the staff assesses the children and identifies the level of malnutrition. They obtain lists from the hospitals of children’s names, weights, heights, and the type of malnutrition for each child. Naru provides incaparina (a highly nutritional beverage) to families of the children who are severely malnourished. Naru monitors weights during the program to assure each child is getting the food and making progress. Many village women walk for miles to receive the powered Incaparina for their children.

Yvonne developed three educational videos in their local indigenous language and Spanish. The videos are viewed in the waiting room at the hospital, so that mothers can learn about how to prepare Incaparina (the nutritious beverage they will receive), what foods to give children at different ages, and basic health and hygiene information. Since the videos play continuously, anyone sitting in the waiting room will view and hear the videos.

Penny (Miracles in Action’s President and Founder) met Yvonne three times on visits to Guatemala, and she was impressed by Yvonne’s strong drive to help these children who would die or suffer developmental problems without her intervention.

Yvonne is a remarkable person. The World Link Partners (see their link below) had this to say: “Yvonne – who is from the U.K. – first came to Guatemala six years ago at the request of a friend who sought her help to save his coffee project. Yvonne realized that it was too late to rescue his project, but was so impressed with what she saw and the villages needs that she resigned her lucrative position in London and has dedicated her life for the past six years to serving the people in the Senahu area. We have worked closely with Yvonne for the past 5 years, and have witnessed up close the tremendous personal sacrifice she has made including her own financial resources (selling her flat in London to have income for the projects), countless hours of work, disappointment and frustration, and her own personal safety (hitch hiking isolated village roads alone at night).”

Currently, Naru does not have a website. It is in development. You can view some of Yvonne’s photos of children in the program “before” and “after”.

Yvonne does not have paid staff. She and a handful of volunteers/supporters donated their time and funds to this worthwhile program. World Link Partners introduced Penny to Yvonne, and they have a good intro to the work of Naru on their website

If you are interested in helping Miracles in Action with this life saving cause please feel free to contact us at or at the below contact information. You can also donate now by clicking on the “donate” button on the upper left-hand of this page.

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