Thank you Knitters!

Photos were taken at the inauguration of the Dorothy Goldstein Memorial School #27 in Chuiquel, Patzun, Guatemala on Feb. 15, 2010.

None of the children had warm hats, mittens or scarves, and they seemed to really like them. They wore them all day, and we saw brightly colored hats heading down the dirt paths as they walked to their homes after the celebration.

This rural Mayan village is at 7,000′ elevation and cold at night, so the children will really benefit from having a knit hat to keep them warm. At the opening, the donor family (sisters – Linda Davis and Carol Katz with their father Marvin Goldstein) distributed school supplies, stuffed animal, and knit hats (some older boys got baseball caps).

Thank you to all the women who knitted or croqueted hats, mittens and scarves for Guatemalan Mayan children. The few sweaters we had were given out selectively to the children who appeared to be the poorest – the dirtiest kids with ripped clothes and terrible shoes, passed down from generations.

Thank you knitters!

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