Miracles in Action empowers Guatemalans living in extreme poverty to help themselves through sustainable projects that improve education, nutrition, vocational skills and create jobs. 

Miracles in Action seeks out under-served pockets of need in rural Guatemala and we research projects that focus on education, vocational training, and sustainable development. We select projects that achieve long-term results, improve quality of life, and allow truly impoverished people to help themselves. We believe in working in partnership with poor Guatemalan people, giving them a hand up, instead of a hand-out. We also strongly believe that education is the surest way out of poverty, and so devote much of our efforts in that direction.

Miracles in Action is a 501c-3 charity. 100% of all donations go directly to our projects. Administrative expenses are funded by “angel donors” and the sale of handicrafts produced in Guatemala’s cottage industry.

Learn How Miracles Began with two ordinary people – a mother and daughter (Noreen and Penny Rambacher) and a visit to the garbage dump where children scavenged for food.  This 3 minute video ends with the construction of School of Miracles #25.  Currently, we are building School #51 in just over 10 years.

Celebrating our Tenth Anniversary: Penny returns to School of Miracles #1 which was sponsored by her mother Noreen Rambacher. During this emotional trip, Penny added her father Henry’s ashes with Noreen’s ashes at a memorial tree in the school yard. Come along with us as we celebrate 10 years of miracles in this video.

This video goes behind the scenes to the life and home of a 10 year old boy living in poverty in Xepetan, Patzun, Guatemala. Miracles in Action sponsored the construction of School #46 in this rural village. Our donor family cut the ribbon during the inauguration celebration, August 2014.

Miracles in Action’s philosophy of giving is summed up with this quote from Pericles:
“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”


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